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Oral surgery

Wisdom teeth, loss of jawbone, cysts and tumors

Oral surgery

When your wisdom causes trouble… We will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning wisdom teeth and/or the loss of jawbone.

No problem for the oral surgeon

Prior to surgical interventions, whether simple ore more complex, an extensive anamnesis will be made. Of course, professional information and a careful post-operative follow-up are also part of our standards. By specific, minimally invasive surgery and under local anesthetics, it is possible to extract all of your existing wisdom teeth at our dental office in only one session. Risk patients as well as anxiety patients can also be treated in our dental office.

The loss of jawbone, whether caused by illness or medication-induced, will not represent a problem to the experienced oral surgeon. By up-to-date and sterile treatments, bone augmentation (e. g. sinus-lift), bone reconstruction and even bone grafts are possible.


Our further oral surgery services include a. o.:

  • removal of cysts and tumors
  • apicoectomy
  • surgical crown lengthening
  • denudation of retained and displaced teeth prior to orthodontic adjustment


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