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Dentition and jaw abnormalities, mal-positioned teeth

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Too tight, too large, too crooked… Malocclusion can affect the entire body. We will be available for all your questions.

It’s all a matter of good adjustment

Concerning orthodontics, which deal with dentition and jaw abnormalities (such as mal-positioned teeth and jaws, misaligned bite patterns), we offer specific treatments not only for children, but also for adolescents and adults. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, crooked teeth and malocclusion lead to disorders of the masticatory system and thus cause muscle tensions, headache, increased abrasion of the teeth and craniomandibular dysfunctions.
An orthodontist is specialized in the adjustment of an improper bite, in closing tooth gaps (in case of missing teeth or insufficient dentition) as well as in the treatment of crowded teeth (when the jawbone is too small and does not provide sufficient space for all the teeth).


Orthodontic treatments offer a wide range of both removable and fixed appliances (a. o. dental braces, splints, retainers). With the help of grinding splints, it also becomes possible to treat temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, disorders of the masticatory muscles (bruxism) and restricted mobility of the mandible.

Please feel free to schedule a consultation appointment, so that we can take care of your troubles and draw up together an individual therapy plan.

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